Kit. Built by CommBank.

Kit is built by x15ventures, which is wholly owned by CommBank. We are an early-stage venture, which means we’re endlessly improving and experimenting to deliver the best experience for young people and their carers in Australia.

Kit membership is free for 12 months for eligible CommBank Yello customers.*

Kit financial products are issued by our partner Hay Limited (AFSL 515459). Refer to Important Information for more detail.

*Offers may vary at any time. Full T&Cs and details on how to activate the offer at

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Why Kit?

With Kit, your kids get:
  • A fun, customisable app that's built for them.
  • Independence to learn, earn, save and spend.
  • Their own personalised prepaid Kit Card to tap, use online or at ATMs.
  • In-app learning nudging real-world behaviour with Kit's Money Quests. 
  • Their own customisable avatar to express themselves in the Kit world with 70+ items to unlock. 
  • Customisable Stacks to meet their savings goals with water that rises as they reach their target.
While you get:
  • Peace of mind through customisable controls and merchant blocks.
  • A simple tool to approve jobs and give pocket money, which we call PayDay.
  • Visibility over your little grownup's financial habits including real-time notifications.
  • Instant transfers to their card for in the moment or scheduled pocket money PayDays.
  • To set up their Kit card with Apple Pay or Google Pay™ across multiple devices and never worry about forgotten cards or cash again.

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Set up Kit in 5 minutes

To set up a Kit Account, you'll need to be:
  • 18+ years of age.
  • An Australian resident for tax purposes.
Make sure you have these things handy:
  • Australian Mobile Number
  • Australian Bank Details
  • Physical Australian Driver's License or Passport
  • Your child nearby

Download Kit on the App Store Download Kit on Google Play

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Frequently asked questions

Do I need to be a CommBank customer?

No, the Kit App is open to customers of any financial institution.

Can I see Kit in the CommBank app?

Not right now. We’re focusing on making Kit the best it can be. We will explore opportunities to integrate more closely with the CommBank App in the future!