How it works

Build smart money habits early with Kit's nifty features for parents, carers, and your little grownups.

Father and child using a smartphone

Get peace of mind with Parental Controls

Have peace of mind with Boss Mode, where parents and carers can customise controls for each kid.

  • Instantly transfer money to your kid with PayTo.
  • Set and manage spend controls and merchant blocks.
  • Get real-time notifications of your kid’s spending.
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In app learning nudging real-world behaviour

Send your kids on Money Quests with their smart money sidekick Kit in our new gamified learning. 

  • Quests take place in the Moneyverse and include mini games, quizzes and nudges.  
  • Our avatar creator lets your child express themselves with over 70 items to unlock – because creativity is limitless! 
  • Kids are rewarded with Winkits, which they can redeem for new avatar items and practise real-world money behaviours like saving up for those new shoes! 
Earn it tab in the Kit App

Easily set up pocket money and jobs

Your kid can Earn it through our automated, recurring PayDay that can be connected to jobs for earning pocket money. 

  • Set up regular or one-off jobs. 
  • Track and manage completion of jobs. 
Kid using their tablet

Motivate your kids to set and achieve savings goals

Stack it by creating and customising savings stacks that help your kid meet their goals and plan for their future. 

  • Create savings stacks and watch them fill up with a rising water level. 
  • Get reminders about upcoming goal due dates. 
  • Transfer money between stacks. 
Kit cards and Boss Mode in the Kit App

Teach your kids to spend mindfully

Spend it with a prepaid physical and digital card available in-app.  

  • Get a personalised card for your kid in one of four colours.  
  • View detailed transaction history. 
  • Withdraw money from ATMs or tap to spend in store. 
  • Set up their Kit card with Apple Pay or Google Pay™ across multiple devices. 

A pocket money app with purpose

Earn it stacks in the Kit App

Designed with intent

The core app functionality in Kit has been designed based on an independent review of research evidence about digital tools. Features like just-in-time 'nudges' and goal visualisation drive positive financial behaviours to build healthy financial habits in your child from an early age.

Get savvy with Kit

Proving impact

We measured the impact of Kit on kids and their grownups over time. Our results demonstrate a positive impact on kids' financial capability in Australia.

  • Families using Kit are regularly talking about money at home, with 8-in-10 parents and carers having money conversations.
  • We saw 6-in-10 (59%) kids using Kit earning money on their own with 74% of kids saving.
  • 64% of kids using Kit apply spending strategies when making purchasing decisions and almost 9-in-10 kids buy things with their own money.