Money lessons are life lessons - make a big impact on their money skills for one low membership fee. 

Get savvy with Kit, an earning-and-learning, mindfully-spending, money mastering app for kids. Kit comes with a prepaid card, instantly available in-app. 

Eligible CommBank Yello Customers

30-day free trial, then first year free*

  • Access to all app features
  • Prepaid Kit card and transactional account

Single Child Plan

30-day free trial

  • 1 kid
  • Access to all app features
  • Prepaid Kit card and transactional account

$3/month or $30/year

Multi-child Plan

30-day free trial

  • 2-5 kids
  • Access to all app features
  • Prepaid Kit card and transactional account

$5/month or $50/year

*Offers may vary at any time. Full T&Cs and details on how to activate the offer at 

Kit and CommBank are working together on an ongoing free membership offer for Everyday Plus and Homeowner benefit sets.

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Set up Kit in 5 minutes

To set up a Kit Account, you'll need to be:
  • 18+ years of age.
  • An Australian resident for tax purposes.
Make sure you have these things handy:
  • Australian Mobile Number
  • Australian Bank Details
  • Physical Australian Driver's License or Passport
  • Your child nearby

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Kit cards and Kit App

Teach your kids to spend mindfully

Spend it with a prepaid physical and digital card available in-app.

  • Get a personalised card for your kid in one of four colours.
  • View detailed transaction history
  • Withdraw money from ATMs or tap to spend in store.
  • Set up their Kit card with Apple Pay or Google Pay™ across multiple devices and never worry about forgotten cards or cash again.

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Get savvy with Kit

Proving impact

We measured the impact of Kit on kids and their grownups over time. Our results demonstrate a positive impact on kids' financial capability in Australia.

  • Families using Kit are regularly talking about money at home, with 8-in-10 parents and carers having money conversations.
  • We saw 6-in-10 (59% of kids using Kit earning money on their own with 74% of kids saving.
  • 64% of kids using Kit apply spending strategies when making purchasing decisions and almost 9-in-10 kids buy things with their own money.

Frequently asked pricing questions

Kit has a proven impact on kids’ financial capability, and the Kit membership fee gives you access to all the features of our app including: 

  • A Boss profile just for you to manage your kids earning, saving, and spending with parental controls including spend limits, merchant blocks, card and pin protection, and real-time notifications.  
  • A physical and digital prepaid Visa card available in-app, enabling your kids to spend within the limits you set. 
  • A Stacks feature that allows your kids to set, visualise and meet their savings goals. 
  • An Earn feature that allows you to quickly and easily track your kid’s chores and pay them pocket money, which we call ‘PayDay’. 
  • Learn features that nurture positive money management behaviours through nifty nudges and educational content for your child. 

Since our inception, thousands of families in Australia have seen a positive impact on their kids’ financial capability. Families using Kit are having more conversations about money, with kids more likely to save money, earn money on their own, and apply positive spending strategies. Read more about the Money Matters Report here. 

Kit charges a small membership fee to cover the cost of your account and card. This allows us to provide features that go beyond basic card functionality such as managing chores through PayDay, and financial education through just-in-time nudges and our new gamified learning ‘Money Quests’. For more detail on pricing visit

If you’re a new customer, you can start your little grownup’s journey to financial capability with a 30-day free trial. 

Kit membership is free for 12-months for eligible CommBank Yello customers*. Eligible customers include Everyday, Everyday Plus and Homeowner benefit sets.

Kit and CommBank are working together on an ongoing free membership offer for Everyday Plus and Homeowner benefit sets.

If you are a CommBank Yello eligible customer, you can find your unique Kit promo code in the ‘Get more from Yello' section in the CommBank Yello hub in the CommBank app.

*Offers may vary at any time. Full T&Cs and details on how to activate the offer at

Your Kit membership fee will be automatically debited from the bank account you originally linked to Kit during set up. In the app this is referred to as your ‘Boss Linked Account’. Your membership fee will be debited on your anniversary date. The amount is related to the number of kids you have set up in the app.

Yes! Download the Kit App across multiple devices and log in using your existing credentials. 

Kit offers a multi-child plan for 2-5 kids, so you’ll need to pay for all children using the same payment plan. If you choose to pay monthly, your family will pay $5, or you can save by paying $50 annually. 

If you need any help reach out to our friendly Kit Customer Care Team on We are available 5 days a week, Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm AEST.

CommBank Yello is Commonwealth Bank’s customer recognition program. To learn more about how CommBank Yello works and your eligibility visit

The results

I just wanted to say, that I am loving using Kit, as are my 10 and 12 year olds. Love the ability to set-up multiple kids. She easy to transfer $ to them.

Rochelle, Mother of two, 10 & 12yo

Felt good to have the opportunity to scan my card and you can save up and do jobs.

Isla, 8yo

I like doing jobs because it’s an opportunity to get money, but I’m looking ford to having it more because I have my own card.

Lola, 9yo

I've never seen him hustle to go scrub the bathtub!

Danen, mother of one, 11yo