Our Approach

Kit takes a scientific approach to help kids build financial capability, confidence and resilience.
Our approach focuses on giving both autonomy to your child and confidence for you.

Built for young people

Kit’s inclusive design gives your little grownups more autonomy and ownership and considers their evolving capabilities – from visually representing savings to Kit’s kid-friendly conversations in-app, we’re truly kid-first.

Kit built for kids

Confidence for parents

Kit gives you the confidence that money lessons taught through the app are not just relevant, but impactful. With their own Kit Account and prepaid card, kids can manage their own earning, saving, and spending. Rest assured, in Boss Mode, you have access to sophisticated controls, customisable to each kid.

Kit's boss mode

Designed with intent

We engaged behavioural scientists to conduct an independent literature review of research evidence behind our core features, such as savings stacks and PayDay. Just-in-time ‘nudges’ that drive positive financial behaviours have been implemented in the Kit app, such as goal visualisation and sharing achievements which make it more likely for kids to commit to goals and reach them.

Kit is evidence-based

Proving impact

The Behavioural Insights Team has developed an evaluation protocol referencing factors identified in a Young People’s Financial Capability Outcomes Framework, which has been independently developed by EY. Kit, and the activities and lessons within the app, are designed to help kids meet these outcomes. There is a big difference between knowing how to do something in theory and actually doing it. A child is financially capable when they can talk about money in a confident and constructive way, and when they can make informed decisions about money.

View the EY Financial Capability Outcomes Framework.

EY Young People's Financial Capability Outcomes