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Kit Money Quests

Kit’s gamified learning teaches financial concepts in a way that’s fun and interactive for kids. Send your kids on an adventure with their smart money sidekick Kit to ensure financial knowledge is not lost forever. Money Quests take place in the Moneyverse with exciting storytelling as Kit’s world is unveiled. Your kids can play mini games, complete quizzes, earn rewards and get nudges to promote real-world behaviours, like setting up a savings goal.

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Learn with mini games and real-world nudges  

Money Quests include educational mini games through Quests like Scam Detective where kids learn how to spot a scam, plus nudges to promote real-world behaviours, like setting up a savings goal. 

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Test their money savvy skills 

Kids can help Kit defeat their thieving foes, the Urgin’ Urchins, by testing their money savvy skills on quizzes. If they get the questions right and reclaim the knowledge that was stolen, they’ll be rewarded with Winkits.  


The more kids learn, the more Winkits they can earn 

Kids are rewarded with a collectable currency called Winkits for completing quizzes and building their money smarts with Kit. They can redeem Winkits for new avatar items - so the more kids learn, the more Winkits they can earn! 


Let your kids express themselves

Our new avatar creator let’s your child choose their own look in the Kit world. There are over 70 items to unlock because in the Moneyverse, creativity is limitless!

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This just in 

Parents are embracing new technologies which could change how kids learn about money. Kit’s latest report shows:  

  • 1-in-4 parents are worried they are ill-equipped to teach their kids about money in the digital age. 
  • More than two thirds of parents (69%) saying artificial intelligence (AI) could improve kids’ financial literacy. 
  • 8-in-10 saying gamification could enhance kids’ financial capability (78%).