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Kit is a money app helping young people do more.
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Kit money app for kids
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Kit is built for kids

Built for kids

Kids are at the heart of Kit. The money app is designed to be simple, visual and customisable so kids can be independent and Earnit, Stackit, Spendit and most importantly, Learnit their way.

Kit, your smart money sidekick

Meet Kit

Kids learn best by in-the-moment experience, so we built Kit – our friendly sidekick. Kit has the smart money know-how to nurture positive behaviours through nifty nudges and bite-sized educational content.

Kit prepaid card for your kids

Peace of mind for you

We've got your back with instant transfers and customisable controls including spend limits, merchant blocks, card and pin protection, and real-time notifications.

Kit digital card in-app

Enter the real world
of money

Kit is a money app with a prepaid card, instantly available in-app. With Kit, kids can earn money on PayDay, create savings stacks, access an ATM, and tap their card.

Kit's Practice Playground

Practice Playground 

Try practice mode and see how Kit can help make money, make sense. No personal data is collected, and no real money is used.

Kit developed with experts

Developed with experts

We bring together CommBank’s experience with an Advisory Panel. With backgrounds in financial education, financial capability, youth mental health and wellbeing, and digital services for children and families, they provide key input into the design of Kit.

Transparent about impact

We love to nerd out and will regularly seek feedback from our awesome Kit community using an evaluation protocol linked to the EY Financial Capability Outcomes Framework. Kit uses this protocol and indicators to prioritise how we deliver experiential education and to be transparent about the impact we’re having on financial capability.

Kit measuring financial capability


We're working on it...

We’re in Beta mode. We’re still building what your little grownups have asked us for and will continually test and optimise the app. 

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